Prometheus Solar Technologies Inc.
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Solar Technology

Prometheus is designed so that it can be a replacement for other heating methods that rely on fossil fuels. Because Prometheus uses nothing but the sun's rays it produces what we like to call "clean heat". With no fossil fuels involved it produces ZERO greenhouse gasses, and there are no by-products.

Beta-Gamma PrototypeThe Prometheus Project began in early 2006 and a number of patents for the technology have been granted or pending. Much has been learned about solar technology and the potential to use clean energy. Each new proto-type incorporates a number of incremental changes allowing the team to reach higher goals. The company is now in a pre-commercial stage in its development of this breakthrough solar technology, and more research will be undertaken. In addition to perfecting and commercializing their methods in metal casting the research team is interested in establishing a cost effective energy generation platform to energize a variety of applications.

This solar concentrator method has the potential to power a green and Carbon free future. The novel method is highly efficient, (about four times more efficient than flat plate solar collectors) allowing commercial applications in metals, energy, chemical, steam, water purification, space heating and food processing industries. Scientists and engineers agree that LIFE’s Patented two-stage method should produce much higher temperatures as the apparatus is improved. It is expected that two-stage concentrator technology may exceed 90% efficiency rating as the method is optimized.

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